About Me

I'm a student that lives in California. I like BMW's, soccer, and go karting. I no longer play soccer or race but it was a fun time in my life. I love California and have been here all my life. This is my favorite road to drive on, Highway 1.

I have a BMW e30 that I've been working on for 6 months. Ive restored most of it and got it to run but the car is far from over. People say it's ugly and it's a piece of poop but it's still my favorite thing on this planet. I bought it for $1000 and it looks a hell of a lot better then when I got it.

Another one of my favorite things to do is to play or watch soccer. My favorite team is Real Madrid. And my favorite player is Gareth Bale. I used to play for my school and my club but I decided it was time to hang up my cleats.

Another cool part of my life, is when I raced go karts. I bought a kart from my uncle and me and my dad rebuilt the whole thing. We erbuilt the motor, put new body panels on it, and raced it in Sonoma and Dixon. I raced it for awhile and was pretty good at it but I sold it to buy the e30, so I can be able to race that.

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