Google 20

10/2/15-I downloaded a sample of an office building to see the basics of autocad and figured out that it's a lot more complicated than what it looks like. But I'm sure once I get the basics down it'll be easier.

10/9/15-I looked through the sample of your house and still tested out how autodesk works. I'm planning on next week to try and start drawing the houses on the computer.

10/16/15- I kept trying to figure out the tools on autodesk and kept looking at the sample of your house you gave. I think I'm going to ask my dad for the samples of the houses he works on so I can get familiar to working on his work.

10/23/15- Opened the files that my dad emailed me. Looks really complicated but I'll keep trying it out.

10/30/15- Played around with the finches and made the go with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

11/5/15- Played with the finches again. Pretty much did everything they were capable of doing of so it got a little boring.neocities